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... I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight at the finished job of refurbishing my bathroom  and to say that the workmen were very professional and courteous at all times...
Mrs Gatt from Birzebbugia

... I am very pleased with the outcome of the works done, will you please thank those concerned. and find no objection to recommend your company. .
Mr . Joseph from Hamrun

... I have been very impressed by the professional and sympathetic approach that you and your team have taken to the various (inevitable) problems that we have encountered. I will have no hesitation in requesting a quote in the future from Casa Completa.
Mr. & Mrs, Jones  from Sliema

... Trust and confidence. Those key ingredients of goodwill, are very much part of the Casa Completa  approach. But I should also say that we have always welcomed and valued the friendliness and open manner of the people who work for you ....
Mr. Abdilla Fgura

... I  would like to thank you Sebastian for the walk in Bath you sold me. It is very convenient. As you know I am 90years old and find this bath a small gate / door . I just enter , sit down , close the bath door and open the hot and cold water and have my bath . thank you for your service. 

Mr Eric Smit Msida


What back up do we have once work is complete and why do you have terms and conditions on the reverse of your quotation?

The terms and conditions are designed to give protection to both the client and ourselves. We operate under the moral code of conduct "fair and reasonable". We hope that our client will do the same. Once work is complete we stand by our work for any reasonable amount of time and have often returned to snag work or replace a defective item well in excess of the warranty period.

It takes many years to get a good reputation but it can be lost very quickly.

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