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I am a senior citizen and would like to change my bathroom to shower

What is the procedure? What should I do.


First you should do a small sketch of your bathroom to be changed and than come to our showroom , Casa Completa Bagni ( we are opposite Mount Carmel Hospital) to choose tiles , shower and accessories , . we give you 15% discount. Then we discuss the works to be done, i.e. pulling down old tiles , bathroom , and rusted pipes and cart these away, install new plumbing and drainage , maybe we have to move a window , so you would be needing a builder and aluminum works . We would then lay wall and floor tile, install new sanitary ware and accessories and you would be given another discount on Labour which would be around € 300.00


From where do you import tile and what style ?



We import tiles mainly from Italy and spain, and we get , classical

Rustic and modern.


What back up do we have once work is complete and why do you have terms and conditions on the reverse of your quotation?

The terms and conditions are designed to give protection to both the client and ourselves. We operate under the moral code of conduct "fair and reasonable". We hope that our client will do the same. Once work is complete we stand by our work for any reasonable amount of time and have often returned to snag work or replace a defective item well in excess of the warranty period.

It takes many years to get a good reputation but it can be lost very quickly.

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